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New SAT Test Launches in March 2016: SAT Prep Experts at Maryland’s Everest Tutors & Test Prep Share What’s Changing February 15, 2016

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New SAT Test Launches in March 2016: SAT Prep Experts at Maryland’s Everest Tutors & Test Prep Share What’s Changing, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Taking the SAT is a critical step for college-bound students across the country. This March, a new SAT test is being released by The College Board. SAT prep experts at Maryland’s top college counseling and private tutoring center, Everest Tutors & Test Prep, share the major changes to the exam.

  • Scoring: Total scores will switch from 2400 back to 1600 (800 for math and 800 for evidence-based reading and writing). Subscores and insight scores in score reports will help students understand strong areas and areas that need improvement. An optional essay will now be scored separately from the rest of the test, but some schools may still require it. There is no longer a penalty for wrong answers.
  • Structure & Timing: The test will change from three hours and 45 minutes to three hours. If taking the optional essay, students will have three hours and 50 minutes. The sections now include one evidence-based reading and writing test (65 minutes for reading, 35 minutes for language and writing), one math test (55 minutes with calculator, 25 minutes without calculator), and four answer choices for multiple choice questions.
  • Administration: Now available in print and digitally, there are fewer questions, and the focus will be on in-depth analysis of content and evidence presented.
  • Subject Matter: The information and types of questions and problems within the test will also shift to critical thinking and problem solving. For example, the math section will shift from a wide spectrum of topics to more focused areas (heavy emphasis on algebra) and will include real-world problem solving and a deeper understanding of math concepts. For the reading and writing sections, sentence completions have been removed while the emphasis on comprehension from passages is expanded.

With the changes to the SAT, the private tutors at Everest Tutors & Test Prep are ready to help your college-bound student navigate the changes to the test and feel prepared to tackle the new focus of the exam. Their highly skilled staff will craft a study plan designed for your student’s needs and areas of improvement. For more information on their one-on-one tutoring and high-quality service in SAT prep, college counseling, and private tutor services in the Gaithersburg, Rockville, and Potomac regions, call them at (301) 208-8011, or visit them online.

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