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Top Wine & Food Pairings At Heidi’s House's Wine Bar September 18, 2012

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Top Wine & Food Pairings At Heidi’s House's Wine Bar, Manhattan, New York

Is there anything better than a meal with true thought put into its preparation and presentation? Rather than gobbling down a meal straight out of the microwave, put some planning into what foods and drinks will truly complement one another and savor it slowly. Certain wines can bring out the subtle spices in a prepared meat dish, whereas others go well with a light salad or chicken dish. Heidi’s House by the Side of the Road, a Manhattan wine bar, recommends the follow wine pairings for a truly inspired meal:

Sauvignon Blanc & Paella

While this is certainly a free country and one can eat their fish with whatever drink they would like, the old adage that white wines and light meals go well together has not lost truth over the years. Heidi’s House serves a delicious light meal of paella, with light rice heaped with seared scallops, shrimp, lobster, chorizo, sweet little onions and slab bacon.

Cabernet Sauvigon & Hamburger

A rich red wine can always be relied upon to bring out the spicy and juicy flavors of red meat. Savor the elegant oak flavorings of Carbernet Sauvignon as you enjoy Heidi’s Hamburger, prepared with Ottomanelli’s grass fed beef on an English muffin, with lettuce, tomato and onion, served with homemade fries.

Chardonnay & Fettucini

The fruity apple and vanilla notes of a nice glass of Chardonnay is the perfect complement for Heidi’s pasta of the day. Try a plate of Chef Cipriano’s fettucini with a small side salad for a hearty Italian meal.

Make the most out of your meal by trying one of these wine and food pairings next time you visit wine bar Heidi’s House by the Side of the Road
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