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Featured Wine: The Brut Cava at Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road August 26, 2013

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Featured Wine: The Brut Cava at Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road, Manhattan, New York

There are many, many wines to try at Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road, but this week’s recommendation is their Brut Cava from Spain. The beauty of sparking white wine is its versatility in food pairing, as well as its ability to whet your appetite as an aperitif.

Here’s a little information about Cava from Heidi’s House to encourage you to experiment during your next visit to NYC's favorite wine bar:

Cava originates in Spain and has been referred to as “Spanish Champagne,” a classification which is illegal thanks to Champagne’s Protected Geographical Status. It is produced largely in Catalonia, the northeastern corner of Spain which borders France, and has an important role in Catalan and Spanish tradition as it is consumed at weddings, marriages, and other important occasions much like Champagne in America today.

Heidi’s menu describes their particular Cava (Brut Cava Spain: Flama Roja NV) as having an “earthy mineralogy with a slight, sweet crispness,” but in general Cava pairs wonderfully with all four of the main flavor groups including salads, pasta, rice, seafood, meat, and dessert.

Next time you’re at Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road, take a look at the week’s wine tasting menu and pair your food with your Cava, and not the other way around.

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