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Featured Wine: The Colli di Castelfranci Falanghina at Heidi’s Wine Bar! May 14, 2014

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Featured Wine: The Colli di Castelfranci Falanghina at Heidi’s Wine Bar!, Manhattan, New York

Spring is a difficult time for wine. A white blends too well with the green flavors of spring cuisine, while a red wine will mask those flavors altogether. Therefore, wine connoisseurs search for a wine unlike most other whites, reds, or roses. They search for a wine with a hint of saltiness, seasoning, or savory touch. Luckily, Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road has such a wine: The Colli di Castelfranci!

Falanghina – much like Sauvignon or Cabernet – is a variety of wine grape that is cultivated on the coast of Campania, which is near Naples. This ancient grape is used in white wines such as Falanghina, and has been used as such an ingredient for centuries. In fact, Falanghina grapes were probably used to produce the classical Falernian wine, which was served to Roman leaders like Caesar and Pliny the Elder.

Falanghina has considerable character, as its grapes’ coastal cultivation provides the wine with a native savory touch. When the vines grow in or near volcanic areas, the wine also takes on a mild saltiness, which is complimented by the sweetness of the grapes. It’s the volcanic soil’s extreme fertility that allows for this broadness of palette.

The Colli di Castelfranci is certainly a Falaghina wine of valor. Its grapes grow in the small village of Castelfranci, which lies in the Apennine Mountains about sixty kilometers from Naples. The Italian wine has plenty of volcanic minerals to help the flavors shine through spring foods, such as seafood, fruits, and vegetables. The wine itself has hints of citrus, almond, quince, and touches of honey and peach. It’s the perfect bouquet of flavors to pair with any spring dish, such as Heidi’s scrumptious paella or pasta of the day.

Stop by Heidi’s wine bar on New York City’s Upper East Side and try the delicious Colli di Castelfranci this spring. You’ll experience a world of wonderful wine like never before. For more information about the menu or hours at Heidi’s House by The Side of The Road, visit the wine bar’s website or call the restaurant at (212) 249-0069.

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