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Rochester’s Home Remodeling Company Shares 3 Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Home Remodel February 12, 2016

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Rochester’s Home Remodeling Company Shares 3 Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Home Remodel, Greece, New York

When homeowners in the Rochester, NY, area want to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms, they know the only company to trust is Gaelens Style. With decades of experience and expertise at their disposal, the interior style team from Gaelens Style transforms homes into livable works of art. If you’re contemplating a home remodel be sure to check out these 3 prep tips from the professionals at Rochester’s best remodeling company:

  • Start With Inspiration: It’s hard to know what your preferences are without seeing what’s out there. Tools like Pinterest and Houzz are a great way to catalog things you like and get ideas for your own home. Begin by just saving anything that catches your eye. After a week or two, look back over your inspiration board and you’ll likely see a common trend in terms of color and style.

  • Make A Utility List: According to the designers from Gaelens Style, an ideal remodel improves both the look and functionality of a home. It’s easy to get bogged down in style choices and forget about the utilitarian side of a room; to combat that make a list of all the things you like to do in the room you’re remodeling. If you love to bake, for example, prioritizing usable counter space might be important!
  • Set Your Budget: No amount of money or design work can make a 100 square foot kitchen function like a 400 square foot kitchen. Similarly, if you want everything from the counters to the appliances to be top of the line you should be prepared for the costs. Set a realistic budget that you can handle and make a list of design priorities to make sure you get what you most want and need.

Once you’re done with these remodel-prep basics, call an experienced designer from Gaelens Style for a consultation, and they’ll take it from there! Visit them online to see their incredible portfolio of custom kitchen designs and custom bathroom designs, or reach out to them at (585) 978-5154.

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