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Message to Products in the IoT: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure January 28, 2016

Shelton, Fairfield County
Message to Products in the IoT: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure, Shelton, Connecticut

With the record breaking year of data breaches in 2015, it’s safe to say that many businesses have developed an adequate understanding of the vital need for cybersecurity on products or devices. Then why are so many businesses still only focusing on making their products smart but not secure? Why is IoT security still taking a back seat?

The IoT road to product success can be a long and complicated one. And all too often, security is not a stop on this road. The focus for success goes from product functionality to securing funds, to meeting shipping deadlines, to managing shareholders’ expectations, and so on. Security of a new product becomes an afterthought or it’s perceived as an added or unnecessary expense. And this is especially so if the product is considered, ‘benign’ or ‘white’. Many would question, why hack a smart toaster? Why? Because a smart ‘anything’ is a potential entry point to your network and data.

A Chain is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

As long as a device or product is connected to the IoT, it becomes a possible link to your network and data; and more links are being added each day. Our cars, our homes, and the products we consume are coming to the IoT party and they are bringing all of our data with them.

According to Cisco, there are already 10 billion things that can connect to the Internet today. This number is expected to grow substantially within the next few short years. It’s predicted that by 2020, the number of devices connected to the Internet will exceed 50 billion.

In an article from ZDNet, Deepak Patel, vice-president of Engineering at security firm Imperva said IoT devices are “easily the ‘catch of the day’ for cyber criminals because all too often these devices have settings and options that are available from a web address, or with basic and easy-to-exploit vulnerabilities.”

Make your IoT products Smart and Secure

We have recognized the issue of unsecured products connecting with networks and the IoT. It was this view that has directed the development of Veridify®, our solution and tools for making IoT products smart and secure. When Veridify devices ‘talk’, the conversation remains secure by always authenticating products anywhere and anytime, with or without a network or internet connection. We even put the power in your hands with a smartphone app to confirm an item’s identity and display data verified from a cloud computing platform.

Veridify delivers real-time visibility and unique item-level controls that will make sure your product’s travels on the IoT road are safe and secure.

To learn more about how we can accelerate your product’s entry in to the IoT in a smart and secure way, contact us at or call us at (203) 227-3151.

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