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5 Ways to Make Your Home's Electric Wiring Safer February 8, 2016

Branford, New Haven County
5 Ways to Make Your Home's Electric Wiring Safer, Branford, Connecticut

Few people give much thought to the electrical wiring in their homes until they experience a short, or worse, a fire. The electricians at NJF Electrical Services in Branford, Connecticut, have more than 30 years experience with residential and commercial electrical services.

They recommend that homeowners practice the following tips to boost the electrical safety of their homes:

  • Stay Alert: Simply keeping an eye out for electrical hazards can make a huge difference in protecting your home. Warning signs include crimped extension cords and flickering lights.
  • Be Familiar With Your Circuit Box: The breaker panel or circuit box in your home controls the delivery of power to different parts of your house. Make sure you know where this box is located and how to cut the power in case of emergency.
  • Prepare Your Circuit Box: Many circuit boxes rely on fuses to operate. Keep several spare fuses close to your box in case of an emergency, and make sure every member of your family knows how to replace them. Labeling each fuse can help.
  • Test Your Outlets: Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, are outlets commonly used for kitchen and utility appliances. GFCIs feature a sensor that detects surges in electrical current and shut down power when surges occur in order to protect against shock. These outlets should be tested monthly.
  • Repair Problems Quickly: If an appliance seems to have a short, disconnect it and have it repaired. If it can’t be repaired, dispose of it. Don’t sell it or give it away. Even large appliances can be recycled.

NJF Electrical Services specializes in electrical service for new home construction, remodeling projects, residential wiring, and commercial wiring. If you’re looking for an electrician to solve your electrical problem, call NJF Electrical Services at (203) 468-0356 for a free consultation, and learn more about their services online.