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Anchorage’s Best Family Dentistry Explains What You Should Know About TMJ February 24, 2016

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Anchorage’s Best Family Dentistry Explains What You Should Know About TMJ, Anchorage, Alaska

People who experience frequent migraines, sleep interruptions, or lethargy may be affected by the mysterious condition known as TMJ. TMJ, the acronym for temporomandibular joint, can cause enormous pain and discomfort for anyone who has it. The good news is that Family First Dentistry, the family and cosmetic dentistry center of Anchorage, AK, will take care of everything from teeth whitening to fillings. More importantly, they are able to offer effective treatment that will lead patients who have TMJ to a pain-free life.

When a person develops regular, unexplained migraines, TMJ could be the culprit. If they experience pain when eating or even just trying to open their jaw when conversing, TMJ is most likely the cause. Additionally, TMJ often causes people to experience a lack of energy and sleep disturbances that will lead to deteriorated health.

As soon as a child or adult begins experiencing these symptoms, they should schedule an appointment with Family First Dentistry. During the appointment, the dental team will determine whether or not TMJ is the issue. Once it is diagnosed, Family First Dentistry will begin preparing the patient for treatment. The dentist will discuss the different treatment options available to the patient and how long the treatment period will be. Thanks to the advancement of dental technology, most patients will recover from their painful TMJ swiftly and without much discomfort.

For all inquiries related to TMJ or to schedule a dental checkup, call Family First Dentistry at (907) 562-2820. To learn more about the family dentistry center, visit their website. Don't forget to like them on Facebook!

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