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3 Questions to Ask Your Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer February 5, 2016

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3 Questions to Ask Your Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer, Dothan, Alabama

A personal injury is a delicate matter, and you'll want to find a lawyer with the sensitivity, experience, and skill to handle your case effectively. Before you go into your first meeting with an attorney, it's a wise idea to prepare some good questions to ask. For over 15 years, The Gil Law Firm has been a respected personal injury lawyer in the Dothan, Alabama, area. The firm's own attorney, Rafael Gil III, shares three important questions clients should ask a potential injury lawyer before hiring them.

  • "Have You Represented Cases Like Mine Before?": Don't be afraid to ask a lawyer if they have specific experience handling cases like yours. If they do, be sure to ask for the number of similar cases they've taken on and what the outcomes were. You have the right to be an informed consumer, and your claim deserves the expertise of a seasoned professional. The Gil Law Firm has represented clients in a wide range of personal injury matters, and they can get you the compensation you are due.
  • "How Accessible Will You Be Throughout My Case?": You want to find a personal injury attorney who will be available to answer your questions and give you regular updates about your case. Be sure to ask about his or her policy regarding client communication. How frequently will you receive new information? How easy will it be to get him or her on the phone? Will they open to answering questions that come up as you move throughout the legal process? At The Gil Law Firm, your lawyer will be accessible to you from start to finish.
  • "What Are Your Fees?": Cost is a consideration for many people, so don't be shy when it comes to asking about an attorney's fees. Your lawyer should give you a clear picture of how much he or she charges so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to hire them. The Gil Law Firm aims to make its services accessible to all clients.

The Gil Law Firm's goal is to provide you with the peace of mind you need to pursue your case with confidence. See how they can help you in your personal injury claim: call The Gil Law Firm at (334) 673-0100 or visit the Alabama law firm online to schedule a free consultation.

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