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Touchably Smooth Skin is Possible! Visit H2 Laser & Skin For The Revolutionary LightSheer® Laser Treatment March 25, 2014

Whiteoak, Charlotte
Touchably Smooth Skin is Possible! Visit H2 Laser & Skin For The Revolutionary LightSheer® Laser Treatment, 1, Charlotte, North Carolina

Tick tock! Summer will be here before you know it (thank goodness!). If you’re one of those people who tends to wait until the last minute to get things done, you’ll be kicking yourself in a few months. Now is the time to invest in laser hair removal to ensure that your skin is silky smooth in time for short shorts and tank tops. You don’t want to be that hairy guy or gal strolling down the beach, do you? Don’t wait until the last minute; visit H2 Laser & Skin to try the new LightSheer® Duet™ laser treatment.

Say goodbye to unsightly hair… no really! With the LightSheer® Duet™ laser hair removal treatment you’ll finally have the touchable skin you’ve always dreamed of. The laser treatment works on many parts of the body, including the back and legs. This treatment can also be used on varying skin tones, including tanned skin.

So how does this revolutionary laser hair removal technology work?

The LightSheer® Duet™ is equipped with two handpieces, depending on your needs. The high-speed option uses a vacuum assisted technology along with diode laser light for a speedy, yet comfortable laser hair removal treatment. In just 15-20 minutes, unwanted hair will be gone! Oh, and did we mention there is no need for any topical numbing creams!

The LightSheer ET handpiece with ChillTip cooling works best on smaller areas of the body, like under the arms. This revolutionary laser hair removal technology allows you to completely customize your treatment depending on your hair type, skin tone, and even lifestyle.

Are you still waiting? Make your appointment for laser hair removal at Charlotte’s premier skincare salon, and finally experience what it’s like to live hair free. Wear your bathing suit with confidence this summer, thanks to the LightSheer® Duet™ laser treatment now at H2 Laser & Skin. Call (908) 213-6996 to schedule your appointment. 

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