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Feyen's Arcade Pumping Service Discusses Common Septic Tank Issues February 5, 2016

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Feyen's Arcade Pumping Service Discusses Common Septic Tank Issues, Ettrick, Wisconsin

Like many parts of a house, at some point, your septic tank is going to start experiencing problems that require the help of a professional. For over 35 years, the experts at Feyens Arcade Pumping Services have been providing superior-quality septic tank pumping and maintenance services to the residents of Ettrick, WI and the surrounding areas. Here, they'll discuss some common septic tank issues and how to fix them.

One of the most common problems with a septic system is backups or slow drains.  A plugged line or plugged filter is most of the time the problem.  If that is not it then you may have a septic system saturated and starting to fail.  Here are a few things to check for so we can get the right info before we show up or you may be able to fix this yourself.  First, does your septic system have a filter in it?  If it does then follow the maintenance plan for the filter and clean it off.  If you open the cover and the tank is overfull and you can't see the filter, do not just pull it out to clean it.  That will allow solids to enter the secondary tank or drainage area, you may need to pull it up a little then put it back in right away or call to have the tank pumped so it can be cleaned properly.  Make sure you get that filter on a good cleaning schedule.  Most filters suggest 6 month cleaning but maybe more often in high flow situations.  Sometimes even after you clean the filter you may have a little blockage in the pipes going to the septic tank from solids sitting in the pipe and not being able to drain properly.  If that is the case then you can call to have the tank pumped and unplug the line or if the tank has been pumped lately have the line cleaned to the tank.  

2nd if your system does not have a filter and you are noticing slow drains or a backup the line for the inlet may be plugged up or the outlet of the septic tank may be plugged not allowing the water to get to the drainage area.  You probably want to get the tank pumped in this case and have a professsional look at it so a call to the local pumper would be good.  If it is an after hour call or weekends they can help you trouble shoot it some over the phone and maybe you just have a plugged line in the baffle that you can take care of yourself.  That would save the emergency fee then and let you get back to doing the laundry.  

3rd thing that may be the issue is a drainage area failure.  Maybe the system is getting old, maybe too much use and it can't handle the water, might have a mound system pipe starting to plug.  It can be many different reasons for this and should warrant a call to the pumping company.  You don't need to worry about getting a new system put in right away.  Many things can be done to help a failing system and maybe correct it.  Too much water use can be issues and putting in flow restrictors, low flow toilets and newer washing machines that save water is a start.  Having the kids shut off the faucet brushing their teeth, spacing out laundry to a few loads a day and not 10 loads on the weekend are a few things also to work on.  

Fortunately, many common septic tank issues can be solved simply by being careful with what you put down the drain and by having your septic tank inspected and pumped regularly by Feyens Arcade Pumping Services. Not only are they they area experts in keeping septic systems running smoothly, but they're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you're never alone with an emergency.

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In addition to septic tank care services, Feyens Arcade Pumping Services also provides vegetable oil and grease trap services, commercial bio-solid hauling, and sludge removal, as well as portable toilet rental services.

Whether you live in Jackson, La Crosse, or Trempealeau counties, Feyens Arcade Pumping Services is there to help. Call them today at 888-525-7229 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website for more details on their waste management services. 

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