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Benefits of Installing Water Purification & Filtration Systems From Rochester's Water System Professionals January 29, 2016

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Benefits of Installing Water Purification & Filtration Systems From Rochester's Water System Professionals, Henrietta, New York

Clean water is something that we all take for granted. Oftentimes, we don’t think much about it and just assume our drinking water is safe. However, Anderson Water Systems does not want to leave anything to chance, which is why they provide New York residents with advanced water filtration systems. They help customers to understand how water purification and filtration systems work and the benefits of installing them.

Anderson Water Systems begins by providing customers with a free water test to help them discover what is actually in their drinking water. Common water pollutants that can harm our drinking systems include lead, chlorine, iron, and arsenic. There are many benefits to water filtration systems, including the following: 

  • Water filters help protect the body from over 2100 toxins that may be present in drinking water.
  • Removes harmful materials such as lead and chlorine before consumption.
  • Provides clean, healthy water that can be used for cooking and drinking.
  • You get clean water that costs much less than buying bottled water.

Anderson Water Systems can help you choose the water purification system that works best for you. They offer a variety of filtration systems, including under-sink units and whole house filtration systems. We don’t only consume water by mouth. It enters our body when we bathe, brush our teeth, and do other similar activities. Whole-house filtration systems provide clean and safe water throughout your entire home.

If your water supply contains excess minerals, it can result in hard water. Hard water is the term used to describe the mineral deposits of calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water. When hard water reacts with soaps and detergents, it interferes with their effectiveness and can cause your clothes and skin to have buildup. Anderson Water Systems' reverse osmosis filters are an effective water purification system that can remove nitrates, chromium, and mercury, providing your family with clean water. A water softener system can also help to remove the metals in your home water supply, resulting in softer skin and cleaner dishes.

In addition to filtration systems, Anderson Water Systems also provides hot water heaters and standby generators. A hot water heater is a key component to making sure you have adequate hot water. Their standby generators ensure that even during a power outage you have access to electricity. They can work in residential and commercial buildings and can detect once the power is back on, automatically transferring the electrical load back to the utility. 

Anderson Water Systems is a family owned business and bring their family atmosphere and years of experience to the table. They also offer flexible financing options and 24/7 emergency service. Visit their website, or check out their Facebook Page to learn more about their water filtration systems. You can also reach them directly at (800) 836-2509.

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