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Chicago Animation Studio Explains How Visual Effects (VFX) Illustrate the Impossible February 5, 2016

Near North Side, Chicago
Chicago Animation Studio Explains How Visual Effects (VFX) Illustrate the Impossible, Chicago, Illinois

Since 1985, Calabash Animation has developed a well-earned reputation for creating high-quality animation and graphic design for television, film, advertising, video games, and the web.

But the Chicago-based studio led by industry veterans Sean Henry and Wayne Brejcha does more than their name implies; while they are masters of all styles of animation from cel to stop-motion to CG, they also have a deep well of experience with visual effects. Often abbreviated as "VFX", the term refers specifically to the processes and techniques used to digitally manipulate and enhance live-action footage.

While visual effects can create extraordinary, monumental moments that could never be accomplished practically, they can also be used to subtly enhance what's on screen. There's a saying in the industry that visual effects are considered successful if they go completely unnoticed. This isn't because VFX are unimportant, but rather because they usually play a supporting role in the story and are intended to appear as natural and seamless as possible. Even the most spectacular visual effects must appear convincing, even if the effects themselves are pure fantasy.

The VFX that Calabash artists create range from simple color correction to complex compositing of live elements with computer-generated special effects and characters. Calabash employs state-of-the-art software such as Nuke, AfterEffects, and Maya to achieve feature-quality results.

Whether it is a spectacular burst of fairy magic, the faint reflection of a character on a hardwood floor, or seamless blending of live action elements shot against green screen, most animated content involves some degree of digital effects work that, if successful, may go unnoticed by viewers but will contribute immeasurably to their viewing experience.

There is no limit to how visual effects and animation can enrich your next production. Calabash can bring to life whatever you can imagine, whether you're aiming for absolute fantasy, a slightly altered reality, or a little bit of both.

You can see Calabash Animation's vast and varied portfolio at their website. If you're interested in incorporating animation and visual effects into your next project, call the Chicago studio for a quote today at (312) 243-3433.

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