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5 Common Painting Mistakes Explained by A-1 Kaylor Painting February 4, 2016

Anchorage, Anchorage County
5 Common Painting Mistakes Explained by A-1 Kaylor Painting, Anchorage, Alaska

When your house needs a new coat of paint, you can save yourself some money by doing the work yourself instead of hiring a house painting service. However, if you do that, beware of some common DIY painting mistakes that can add hours—and dollars—to your project and lead to unsatisfactory results. A-1 Kaylor Painting, Alaska’s premier paint contractor, has been serving and satisfying Anchorage customers since 1970. They offer the following advice to help your paint project go smoothly:

  • Don’t Skimp On Brushes: Make sure you buy high-quality brushes and roller covers. The best paint in the world won’t look good if you try to apply it with cheap equipment.
  • Don’t Paint Over High-gloss Paint: New paint cannot adhere to high-gloss paint, which offers no texture for the new paint to “grip.” Before painting over high-gloss paint, be sure to roughen the texture with sandpaper.
  • Don’t Skip Prep Time: Apply tape, clean walls, remove peeling paint, patch cracks, and let filling compounds dry. Proper preparation is the biggest difference between professional and amateur results.
  • Don’t Skip The Primer: Applying primer is an important first step. It hides minor surface flaws, prevents colors from bleeding through, and gives you a smooth, durable finish.
  • Don’t Soak The Brush: You should only dip 1/3 of your brush into the paint or primer. That way, you don’t waste paint, you avoid drops spattering the floor and your clothing, and you don’t make extra cleanup for yourself.

If you decide that you prefer a house painting service to doing it yourself, contact A-1 Kaylor Painting, Anchorage’s most trusted paint contractor. With over four decades of experience, they have the skills and know-how to handle any job. Visit them online, or call (907) 345-7309 to receive a free estimate. 

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