Cleves, Ohio

3 Reasons to Hire Cincinnati’s Best Critter Removal Company During Mating Season February 3, 2016

Cleves, Miami
3 Reasons to Hire Cincinnati’s Best Critter Removal Company During Mating Season, Miami, Ohio

Residents and business owners in the Cincinnati area have come to depend on ASAP Critter People for professional wildlife removal and animal control. For many critters, winter is mating season. If you think you may have an unwanted raccoon or squirrel nesting in your home or business attic, here are three reasons to hire ASAP Critter People.

  • Save Money:  Calling the ASAP Critter People before your unwanted critters have babies will save you money. After all, removing one animal as opposed to an entire family will be more cost-efficient in removal cost as well as damages.  Squirrels deliver babies in February and March and baby raccoons can be found as early as March and into the late summer months.  Groundhogs and skunks are currently mating and babies are normally seen in April, May & June.   If you see critters on your property or roof, or hear noise in your attic, call our courteous staff for experienced advice.  

  • Avoid Additional Damage: After mating season, having an entire family of critters nesting in your home can cause more damage. The presence of a family unit of raccoons or squirrels will add to the footprint and general destruction of your attic space. Before you’re faced with multiple animals making noises and causing extensive damage to your home or business, call us!  Our experienced wildlife professionals at ASAP Critter People are highly trained in removing unwanted raccoons, squirrels, bats or birds from attics, walls, soffits, and chimneys, as well as groundhogs, opossum, skunks, chipmunks or moles from yards, mulch beds, under decks or patios, sheds or other outbuildings.   
  • Safe And Humane:  As always, ASAP Critter People practices safe and humane removal of unwanted critters such as raccoons, squirrels, skunks, groundhogs and more. When you hire us to handle your wildlife problem, you can rest easy knowing that we are experienced and trained professionals that are committed to resolving your critter problem in prompt, courteous, and professional manner.  
  • If you live in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas and are in need of wildlife removal services, you need an experienced company to assist you.  Call ASAP Critter People today at (513) 941-0258  and speak with our knowledgeable staff to schedule an appointment. For additional information on our safe and humane wildlife removal services, visit our website
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