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Surge Protection for Your Home Explained by Dayton, OH Electrical Contractor February 2, 2016

Gateway, Dayton
Surge Protection for Your Home Explained by Dayton, OH Electrical Contractor, Dayton, Ohio

Adequate surge protection for your home doesn't end with simply using a power strip, especially if you use a lot of electronic equipment or appliances. To keep everything safe, you should consider investing in a whole-house surge protector and plug-in protectors from Jeff Bonham Electric, a licensed electrical contractor serving the Greater Dayton area. These professionals explain the basics of home surge protection:

  • Effects Of Power Surges: A power surge or sudden spike in electrical current lasts less than a second. You might not even notice when one happens, but the effect is enough to destroy circuit boards, crash hard drives, and ruin home entertainment equipment.

  • Common Causes of Power Surges: Many people worry about lightning strikes or downed power lines causing power surges. While those types are certainly very dangerous, surges are more often caused by major appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, which cycle on and off all day. These fluctuations can burn out the delicate circuits of electronics, like computers and TVs.
  • Hardwired Surge Protection Devices: The most effective way to protect your home from electrical surges is to call Jeff Bonham Electric, and ask them to install a whole-house surge protection device. Just one SPD installed in your electric panel is enough to protect all electrical appliances in your home from most surges.
  • Plug-In Protectors: For complete surge protection coverage, plug-in protectors are helpful, even if you have an SPD. These are the power strips you can find at most electronics retailers, and you should use them for sensitive electronics, such as computers.

Jeff Bonham Electric is a Better Business Bureau accredited residential and commercial electrical contractor serving Dayton, OH. To set up an appointment, call (937) 233-7662, or visit their website to learn more.

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