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What to Expect When Going Through Mold Remediation February 1, 2016

Whitefish, Flathead
What to Expect When Going Through Mold Remediation, Whitefish, Montana

Big Mountain Insulators in Whitefish, MT, is best known for providing excellent roofing and insulation services to all of Northwest Montana, but they also have professionally certified mold contractors ready to assist your every need. With over 35 years of experience, this company provides excellent service on all fronts, and their mold remediation services are no different. 

Below is a list of things you can expect when going through mold remediation with Big Mountain Insulators:

  • Sealing: To avoid dispersing mold spores throughout the home, the mold contractors will use plastic sheeting to seal off the work area. It's important to keep mold contamination as close to its original location as possible, which is why this tends to be the first step contractors at Big Mountain Insulators take.
  • Containment: After sealing off the area, the contractors will try to contain the "negative air." Essentially this process is performed by using two powerful fans and some air pressure machines to bring clean air in and push toxic air out.
  • mold removalTreatment: While flushing out the bad air to help kill the mold, your friends from Big Mountain Insulators will use an antimicrobial chemical to assist in the mold removal. Not only does this help get rid of the mold, but it will also clean the stains left behind.
  • Clean Up: Unfortunately, this process requires moldy building materials like drywall, insulation, and baseboards to be discarded. This is because while being easy to replace, they are nearly impossible to restore to their pre-contaminated conditions.
  • Safeguard: After the mold removal, the contractors will use a sealer or encapsulant to ensure that the treated areas are more resistant to water damage and mold in the future. This will also help with any odor left behind after the mold remediation is over.

For mold inspections, mold remediation, or any of the other wonderful services Big Mountain Insulators offers, give them a call at (406) 862-5446 or visit their website.

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