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How to Tell Which Wedding Dress Alterations You'll Need January 29, 2016

New York, New York
How to Tell Which Wedding Dress Alterations You'll Need, New York, New York

Every bride deserves to look her best on her own wedding day and part of that means fitting perfectly in the dress. You won't know how it fits by simply standing in front of a mirror, though; you'll learn which wedding dress alterations you need by scheduling an appointment with Wo's Custom Tailoring in New York City, and by coming prepared.

Here are some tips on testing out your dress and finding out where you'll need bridal alterations:

  • Consider How Your Dimensions Will Change Before the Wedding: If you're having surgery, are newly pregnant, or know of any other events that will change your measurements, your seamstress needs to know. Furthermore, many brides tend to lose weight just a few weeks before the wedding, so try to leave your fittings until about two weeks prior. Timing is crucial when it comes to bridal alterations.

  • Wear Your Foundation Garments at All Your Fittings: These garments will greatly influence how your dress hangs on your figure. You will most likely need to try out many different foundation garments before settling on the ones that give you the best fit.
  • Get the Perfect Shoes: Bring your shoes to all of your fittings so that your fitter can correctly pin your hem. If you don't have them yet, tell your fitter, and in the meantime bring a pair with the ideal heel height.
  • Move Around While Wearing the Dress: Will you be able to comfortably walk, dance, and sit at your wedding? Test out all of these actions at your fittings, so that your fitter can adjust your dress accordingly.

Wo's Custom Tailoring in New York City will help make your wedding dress the best fitting dress you've ever worn. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about their wedding gown alterations, call (212) 988-9889 or visit their website. Don't forget to “like” them on Facebook!

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