Upper West Side, New York
236 West 78th Street
New York, NY 10024
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Did You Have A Great Time? January 18, 2016

Upper West Side, Manhattan
Did You Have A Great Time?, Manhattan, New York

Our goal is to make sure we offer the best stand-up comedy entertainment around while adhering to some of NYC industry guidelines. We can't change everything but we will try to make it the best option out there!

With that said, we want to hear your feedback!

Did you have a 4 Star or 5 Star time at our venue? Let the  Yelp community know! They want to know! Plus we offer our loyal, repeat customers (that's you if you are planning on coming back) some perks. Email us at laugh@standupny.com letting us know about your review on Yelp and we'll email you back your perk options. Hint hint, admission and drink vouchers available.

Our Yelp page -  http://bit.ly/StandUpNYYElp

3 Stars or less? Okay, okay we know you can Yelp us but how about you email us at laugh@standupny.com and let us see how we can reconcile your experience. We're a small business and we want our customers to leave with a good taste in their mouth! Hopefully, from all the speciality cocktails they drank at the show!

We're not perfect, we're a comedy club where fun and adventurous is our calling. It is always an experience and because funny means something different to everyone, we know we can't please all our guests.

We encourage guests to be vocal at the club if there is an issue or if you have happy about your time. Question about the line-up or minimum? Call us, email us, text us! We'll get back to you if you don't get ahold of us right away!

While I have your attention check out our line-up for the following week: