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Rochester Hearing & Speech Center Explains How Technology Helps Special Education Students Thrive August 16, 2016

Strong, Rochester
Rochester Hearing & Speech Center Explains How Technology Helps Special Education Students Thrive, Rochester, New York

In a world where technology is a major avenue of socialization and entertainment, it’s easy to forget that it’s first and foremost a tool. Used in the classroom, educational tools, called assistive technologies, can make a major difference in the learning of students with developmental delays. For more than ninety years, Rochester Hearing & Speech Center has been committed serving the Rochester area by offering the best tools available to students with developmental delays. Offering a range of support, including a speech pathologist, an audiologist, and special education services, their experienced team is passionate about employing tools to help students reach their full potential.

  • Bypass Difficulties: With many children with developmental delays, the biggest frustration is knowing all they could achieve if it weren’t for one or two seemingly insurmountable roadblocks. Technology can help bypass a special education student’s difficulties, allowing them to reach their full potential.
  • Build Skills: Recent research has shown that assistive technology is effective in improving certain skill deficits, such as reading and spelling. Often built to be appealing to students, these technologies can make building skills in frustrating areas a fun, enjoyable experience.special education
  • Instill Independence: By compensating for a student’s difficulties, assistive technologies can offer children with developmental delays a feeling of independence. As many children with developmental delays are dependent on their teachers and parents for help with schoolwork, technology can give special education students the liberating experience of successfully completing assignments independently.

By combining tools that help students surpass their difficulties, build skills, and instill a sense of self-esteem and independence, assistive technology can make a substantial difference in the lives of children with developmental delays. To talk to a specialist about how bringing technology into the classroom could help your special education student, call Rochester Hearing & Speech Center at one of their three locations: Elmwood Avenue: (585) 271-0680, Greece: (585) 723-2140, or Webster: (585) 286-9373. For more information on their wide range of support services, including experienced speech pathologist and audiologist services, visit their website today.

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