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How to Dress for the Perfect Headshot! January 25, 2016

Long Island City, Queens
How to Dress for the Perfect Headshot!, Queens, New York

If you are a professional in need of a headshot, you can count on Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography to bring out your best. Located in Long Island City in Queens, NY, Isaiah Tanenbaum is a multi-faceted, visionary photographer who prides himself on his precise technical skill. When you work with him, he will know just how to accentuate your best features.

Did you know that your outfit can make or break your headshot, no matter how talented your photographer is? Below, you can read all about what to wear during your professional photoshoot:

  • Theatrical Headshots: If you are receiving theatrical headshots/actor photos, then you will need to bring dressier, darker clothing. For women, velvet, satin, and scoop necks and v-necks are excellent. For men, dress shirts, leather jackets, suits, and textured sweaters are wonderful choices.
  • Commercial Headshots: Regardless of gender, lighter and brighter colors are perfect for commercial headshots/model photos. Think “easy, breezy fun.” Sweater sets, polo shirts, and denim jackets are strong commercial headshot choices.
  • Business Headshots: Solid colors work best for business headshots, as patterns will distract from your expression. While any type of business suit or professional attire will work here, it’s important to bring a variety of necklines to a business shoot. While v-necks may make you look taller, collared shirts may make you look more powerful!

Regardless of whether you need a theatrical, commercial, or business headshot, you should always choose colors that complement your skin color, eye color, and hair color. If you have green eyes, browns and oranges will look great on you. If you have darker skin, try wearing lighter colors for more contrast. Likewise, if you have lighter skin, do not wear whites, light cream tones, or light grays, as they are too similar to your skin tone. If you have blue eyes, try wearing pinks and darker grays.

Now that you know how to dress for your professional photoshoot with Isaiah Tanenbaum Photography in Long Island City, it’s time to book your shoot! To learn more about booking a photo session with Isaiah, and to see his full portfolio, visit him online. Also, don't forget to "like" him on Facebook! To contact Isaiah directly, call (917) 692-5737 or send an email.

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