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New Jersey’s Pool Plastering Experts Discuss What Affects the Water Color in Swimming Pools January 25, 2016

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New Jersey’s Pool Plastering Experts Discuss What Affects the Water Color in Swimming Pools , Scotch Plains, New Jersey

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about what affects the water color of a pool. While there isn't one product that will help you reach the specific color you want, there are ways of influencing the color you get, such as the shade of pool plastering. Learn more from the team at Gutierrez Pool Plastering in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Some factors that determine pool water color are the pool's design and depth, as well as the setting and landscaping around it. For instance, if a swimming pool is surrounded by green foliage, it will give the water a green tint; this is also true if the pool is right next to a house with a brown exterior.

Often the pool plastering you choose will have an effect. If you go for white plastering, the water will be a lighter blue; black plastering will make it dark blue. The weather on any given day is another factor. The level of sunlight or amount of clouds in the sky will give the water a slightly different hue.

If you want an accurate guess of what your swimming pool will look like, it's better to view some pools in person rather than relying on images online. Variables such as camera settings and computer resolutions will always create differences from the real thing.

Once you have an idea of what you want for your new pool, contact Gutierrez Pool Plastering. They have a strong background in the swimming pool industry, with lots of experience in pool remodeling and pool plastering. Call (908) 756-7585 or visit their website to find out more about their services.

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