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​Why It’s Essential to Find a Licensed Home Inspector January 22, 2016

Dallas, Dallas County
​Why It’s Essential to Find a Licensed Home Inspector, Dallas, Texas

If you’re serious about buying or selling that home, a house inspection is the most crucial first step to take. As a seller, a pre-inspection shows that your house is an open book, but also allows you to quickly and efficiently repair any issues before they become a point of contention with potential buyers. And as a buyer, a home inspector will help ensure that there are no hidden flaws within the home.

HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections in Scurry, TX, specializes in analyzing all the vital inner workings of your home, like the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation systems, as well as the oh-so-critical big picture items like the foundation, roofing, walls, and landscaping. With 15 years of experience in the construction industry, HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections knows firsthand how a sound, well-built home should look and feel, and their licensed and professional home inspectors will make sure there are no mysterious problems or issues within your home. 

Behind the shiny new countertops and fresh paint, every home has a hidden past. Licensed and fully insured home inspectors like those at HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections will shine a light on these dark corners, exposing potential hazards like structural damage, mechanical issues, and poorly-patched leaks, among others. As a buyer, any issue that arises before your purchase goes through becomes the burden of the seller to fix. If you choose to waive your house inspection, that mismatched paint in your bedroom will suddenly become the least of your worries.

If you plan on buying or selling anytime soon in the East Dallas area, then you’re in luck. Contact HomeMentum Professional Home Inspections at (972) 921-8159 to get a comprehensive house inspection and report, and let them take the stress out of your big home sale or purchase. You can also find these home inspectors  online.