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Must Do Tasks for Winterizing Your Home January 14, 2016

Miami Heights, Hamilton
Must Do Tasks for Winterizing Your Home, Miami Heights, Ohio

If you have not already done so, you may want to take the opportunity while we have this short break in the weather to make sure your home is prepared for the remainder of the season.  A few tips to help you in the process are as follows:

Make sure your gutters & downspouts are clean and secure.  The will need to support the weight of ice if they do fill & freeze.

If you have a wood burning fire place, get your chimney inspected and cleaned to prevent a fire that could be caused by a cracked liner, accumulated creosote or nest.  Make sure you have a chimney cap to keep critters out.

Seal foundation cracks and openings.  Pay special attention to gaps in weatherstripping and door sweeps.

Remove interior screens from crank out windows.  They block light and restrict airflow which can increase condensation.

Lastly, test your sump pump!  

If frozen pipes or water removal is needed, call CincyDry at (513) 399-3020 and Get Dry Fast!  We take care of the entire Tri-State Area, from Mason, OH to Florence, KY to Aurora, IN, we've got you covered!