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Looking for Used Kayaks in Honolulu? Read These Tips First January 29, 2016

Diamond Head - Kapahulu - St. Louis, Honolulu
Looking for Used Kayaks in Honolulu? Read These Tips First, Honolulu, Hawaii

The popular saying is, "look before you leap," and it could be applied to just about everything, including buying used kayaks. It is understandable to want to get the best deal, but if you don't follow a few rules, it could lead to troubling waters. Go Bananas Watersports in Honolulu and Aiea, HI, are leaders in the kayaking industry and want to help you navigate through the process.

When you venture out into the ocean or any large body of water, you want to be sure that there aren't any defects in your kayak that could compromise your safety. Go Bananas Watersports encourages kayakers to thoroughly inspect used kayaks before handing over the cash.

Here are a few things to look out for when you're looking at used kayaks:

  • Signs Of Fading: In a thorough visual inspection, you should look for signs of fading on the outside of the kayak. Faded colors could indicate bigger problems than just aesthetics; it usually means the kayak has been sitting out in the sun, and that the sun has broken down the strength of the kayak's plastic.

  • Check For Cracks: It's easy to see why cracks in a kayak are a red flag. Used kayak buyers should pay close attention to the drag holes in the kayak’s hull and look for cracks that haven't separated yet. If you find cracks, this means that the kayak isn't stable enough to operate safely.
  • Have A Professional Inspection: Go Bananas Watersports performs stress tests in the store on faded and cracked kayaks to see if they can be repaired. The staff also has experience evaluating used kayaks and will be able to spot problems you may overlook. The Go Bananas Watersports team will even inspect the design of the kayak and determine if it has a good construction.

If you want to buy a used kayak, it's wise to go through a reputable dealer, like Go Bananas Watersports at Honolulu and Aiea. Aside from offering kayaks for sale, Go Bananas Watersports has a kayak rental selection. So no matter what your budget is, you'll always be able to enjoy kayaking in Hawaii. 

Take a look at the store's website for information on kayak rental and to learn more about their inventory of new and used kayaks for sale. You can also call Go Bananas Watersports at (808) 737-9514 to learn more about their high-quality kayaks, fishing gear, paddle boards, and services. 

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