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Support NYC Food Trucks Alongside Brooklyn’s Best Custom Food Truck Designer February 2, 2016

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Support NYC Food Trucks Alongside Brooklyn’s Best Custom Food Truck Designer, Brooklyn, New York

In New York City, food trucks and mobile street vendors are a crucial part of what makes the city so vibrant and exciting. Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, based in Brooklyn, New York, has worked with hundreds of talented and innovative chefs to design custom food trucks that can roam the streets of New York and deliver delicious meals to crowds all over town.

Unfortunately, the City of New York is starting to crack down on this growing industry. While the food truck business fosters culinary innovation, creates jobs, and draws tourists, city officials are making it more and more difficult for food trucks to operate. That’s why Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions believes in the mission of the New York City Food Truck Association.

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The NYCFTA is an organization comprised of small business owners who operate high-quality food trucks and wish to continue to grow their business and delight eaters. Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions, who has worked closely with many of these talented food truck owners, encourages all New York City residents and visitors to sign the NYCFTA petition. By signing their petition, you’ll tell city officials how much you enjoy custom food trucks and wish to keep them on the streets. Join Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions and some of your favorite food trucks like Coolhaus and Red Hook Lobster in showing the city how much you enjoy mobile dining!

If you’re looking to start a food truck, call Brooklyn’s own Shanghai Mobile Kitchen Solutions today at (800) 253-4815 to talk with a friendly customer representative about custom food trucks, mobile kitchen products, and food truck design. For additional information on their products and to see some of the trucks they have designed, visit their website

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