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3 Benefits of Purchasing a Home With Owner Financing April 21, 2016

3 Benefits of Purchasing a Home With Owner Financing, Houston County, Texas

For families, a home is more than just four walls and a roof. It represents security and stability, something that can be passed down with pride from one generation to the next. In the past, poor credit has put home ownership out of reach for some families, but now there's another option. SWE Homes offers homes for sale in that have owner financing, and credit history isn't a factor in qualifying for these mortgages. The experts at SWE Homes say that purchasing homes for sale with a no-credit-needed mortgage can offer the following benefits:


  • Easy Qualification: There are many reasons why a deserving buyer might not qualify for a conventional mortgage. A recent divorce, for example, can have a negative impact on credit. By looking at homes for sale with a no-credit-needed mortgage, you stand a much better chance of qualifying for a loan even if you have poor credit since the standards for loan qualification have nothing to do with your credit score.
  • Zero Loan Costs: Conventional loans come bundled with a plethora of costs. Points, origination fees, underwriting charges, title insurance, and the like can all add up and cost you thousands of dollars. By purchasing homes with owner financing, buyers avoid these costs, which can represent big savings.
  • Speedy Closing: With a third-party lender in the picture, closing can face countless delays, and it could take weeks for you to move into your home. This isn't an issue with owner financing. Closing is quick, making it possible for you to move in within days of making your home purchase.

SWE Homes can help you buy the home of your dreams, even if you have poor credit. The company is not a broker; it's a residential mortgage loan originator that makes a no-credit-needed mortgage available to buyers. Learn more by calling (713) 413-1000, or visit SWE Homes online to view current listings. 


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