Flatiron District, New York

Negative Emotions & Weight Loss Don't Mix! FitWAR Teaches Clients to Use Positive Thoughts to Get Into Shape October 31, 2013

Flatiron District, Manhattan
Negative Emotions & Weight Loss Don't Mix! FitWAR Teaches Clients to Use Positive Thoughts to Get Into Shape, Manhattan, New York

When you’re trying to get into shape, diet and exercise are seen as the two most important factors. However, your emotions also play a big part in losing weight and even putting on a few extra pounds. If you find that you exercise, eat right and watch your calories but you still can’t lose weight; it may be time to pay attention your emotions.

Physical therapy center FitWAR helps clients achieve their fitness goals by looking at all areas of their lives, including their emotional stress. Everything from fear to depression and apathy can slow down weight loss, while positive emotions do the opposite.

There are two ways that negative emotions impact weight loss:

  • When you start to feel bad about something in your life, food typically becomes the solution. When you’re feeling stressed you usually eat the most fattening things possible, like ice cream, French fries, and burgers. Unfortunately if you’re looking to lose weight this will push you further behind and may even lead you to feel worse about yourself.
  • While making you feel bad, negative emotions also affect the actual functioning of the body. If you’re feeling depressed your metabolism responds by slowing down almost to a stop. This throws the body out of balance and leads to weight loss failure or bad health.

To avoid the effects of negative emotions you need to be aware that they exist. If you’re unaware of how to treat your body when you feel upset, your actions will remain the same. The next time you’re feeling down, take a moment to decide if these negative emotions align with your weight loss goals. Once you realize they don’t, you’ll be able to let them go!

Through their physical therapy and rehabilitation programs, FitWAR teaches clients how to focus on their positive emotions to lose weight quickly. Let the bad emotions go and start on your path to weight loss success.

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