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4 Reasons to Install a Cost-Saving Farm Propane Irrigation Engine in Randolph County January 26, 2016

Pocahontas, Randolph
4 Reasons to Install a Cost-Saving Farm Propane Irrigation Engine in Randolph County, Pocahontas, Arkansas

Since 1938, DeClerk LP Gas has offered a wide variety of high-quality, energy-efficient propane solutions for homes and agribusinesses in Randolph County, AR. Family-owned and operated since its founding, DeClerk LP Gas specializes in helping individuals, farms, and businesses learn about the advantages of clean, cost-effective propane appliances and fuel.

As diesel and gasoline prices rise, cost- and energy-conscious farmers should consider replacing old irrigation systems with a more efficient, cost-saving propane irrigation engine from DeClerk LP Gas. 

Here are just a few of the advantages farm propane irrigation engines offer:

  • Lower Fuel Prices & Higher Efficiency: Propane prices tend to be lower than diesel or gasoline, and propane irrigation engines run more efficiently, using less fuel than gas or diesel irrigation engines.
  • Decreased Maintenance: Farm propane engines leave fewer deposits on engine components, reducing the cost and frequency of maintenance and repairs.
  • Farm PropaneBetter Compliance With Emissions Regulations: Propane irrigation engines produce up to 11% less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel engines, and up to 24% less than gasoline-powered engines, making it easier for farms and agribusinesses to comply with new, strict emissions regulations.
  • Rapid Return On Investment: Lower propane prices and increased propane appliance efficiency mean that propane irrigation engines normally pay for themselves in just a few years. Right now, the propane industry is also offering rebates of up to $400.00/liter on qualifying Tier-4 units, further reducing the cost of switching to propane-fueled irrigation. There is, however, a limit to two rebates per farm.

Don’t pour any more money into outdated irrigation equipment. Call DeClerk LP Gas at (870) 892-5273 to schedule an expert consultation in Randolph County today. You can also visit the website to learn more about propane irrigation engines and the entire range of available products and farm propane services.

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