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How to Choose The Right Tax Preparation Professional January 21, 2016

Silver Spring, Montgomery
How to Choose The Right Tax Preparation Professional, Silver Spring, Maryland

Another year has gone by, and that means it’s time to think about filing your taxes again. When you’re in the market for high-quality tax preparation services, it can be overwhelming to begin the search. How do you know if you’re making the right decision?

ZP Tax of Silver Spring, MD has great advice about how to choose the right tax preparation provider for you. One major consideration should be your accountant’s level of education. Here’s what to look for when you're seeking tax help:

  • Enrolled Agents: Though the IRS doesn’t have any rules about who’s allowed to prepare taxes (meaning that anyone can), Enrolled Agents are required to prove their competency first. This means they’ve shown that they can prepare tax returns and adhere to ethical standards, so this title indicates that they have the appropriate tax education in tax preparation.
  • Certified Public Accountants: CPAs are college graduates who have passed an intensive accounting exam to get their licenses. This means they have the education and credentials to sift through complex tax law and complete complicated tax returns.  
  • Tax Attorneys: Tax attorneys have both a bachelor’s degree and a law degree, so they are highly educated in the laws governing the IRS and taxes. They may or may not actually prepare tax returns, though, and their expertise is usually reserved for those experiencing an audit or other complication.

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When you’re ready to work with a great tax preparation specialist, rest assured that ZP Tax provides qualified professionals to help you every step of the way. Learn more by visiting their website or by calling ZP Tax at (301) 587-4829.

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