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7 Questions to Ask the Experts at Wo's Custom Tailoring January 14, 2016

New York, New York
7 Questions to Ask the Experts at Wo's Custom Tailoring, New York, New York

Finding the right tailor for clothing alterations requires asking the right questions. The experts at Wo’s Custom Tailoring are ready to answer any, and all, questions you have about your garments. The New York, NY, tailors have been in the clothing industry for over 40 years. They continue to proudly serve Manhattan and the rest of New York’s community, and they suggest asking the following questions the next time you walk through their doors:

  • What Service Should I Choose: Discuss whether ready to wear made-to-order or made-to-measure is the best service for you. Your body type will determine how much tailoring you require.
  • What’s The Best Material: Inquire about the fabrics best-suited for your garment, which usually depends on the nature and location of the event you need it for. The experts at Wo’s Custom Tailoring will match you with the right cloth.
  • What’s Trendy: Ask about current trends, as your New York tailoring team offers extensive knowledge of the latest cuts, hems, lapel sizes, and much more.

  • What Indicates A Good Fit: Pose “good fit” queries to gain a deeper understanding of what looks right. This helps when your Wo’s Custom Tailoring expert is explaining what clothing alterations are needed.
  • How Many Fittings Will I Need: Remember to ask how many fittings you’ll need. The usual number is three.
  • How Long Will It Take: Discuss how long the clothing alterations will take. This depends on what’s being done; for example, a custom made suit takes at least one month.
  • What Will It Cost: Obtain an estimate of what your clothing alterations or custom pieces will cost. This depends on factors such as the fabric used and whether it’s an alteration or a brand-new custom piece.

The talented team at Wo’s Custom Tailoring will easily answer these and any other questions you have about custom suit tailoring, leather repairs, custom-made clothes, fur alterations, and so much more. Whatever you require, they’ll make certain you get a beautiful custom piece that fits perfectly. For more on clothing alterations, leather or fur repairs, and other services available through Wo’s Custom Tailoring, please call (212) 988-9889 or visit the website today.

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