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Roaring Oaks Florist Offers Fresh Flowers to Enhance Any Room This Winter January 13, 2016

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Roaring Oaks Florist Offers Fresh Flowers to Enhance Any Room This Winter, Lakeville, Connecticut

Beautifully decorated floral arrangements will brighten any room even on the darkest winter day. Roaring Oaks Florist is a floral design boutique that pays close attention to detail when creating their one-of-a-kind floral arrangements. You'll love their variety of colors and high-quality flower bouquets, as well as the personal attention that goes into each floral creation. This winter, add a touch of spring to your home with these tips on choosing fresh flowers from Roaring Oaks Florist:

  • Choose Shades With Contrasting Colors: Beautiful shades of red, white, and green are perfect for the winter months. Combining different shades of fresh flowers together is the easiest way to add style to any room. When choosing flowers, go with the colors that make certain objects in a room stand out with contrasting colors. You can put a bouquet together yourself, or let one of the experienced designers at Roaring Oaks Florist put together the perfect floral arrangement for you.
  • Pick a Stunning Vase: The type of vase you choose will also enhance a room. Putting flowers on a stand, windowsill, or table brings life into the room when they are placed in a beautifully decorated vase. Choose a short rectangular vase for a modern look. Opt for a tall, slender vase for eye-catching centerpieces. The staff at Roaring Oaks Florist will help you decide.

  • Make a Great Centerpiece: A centerpiece of fresh flowers on the dining room or kitchen table is an easy way to add elegance to any room. White flowers with touches of purple will add both warmth and beauty to your home. Or keep the holiday spirit alive with bright reds and hints of green. But don't stop at just the kitchen table. Create a small arrangement for the bathroom; add florals to your bedroom. You can easily breathe new life into your home with fresh cut flowers in just about any room. 

Roaring Oaks Florist currently has 12.99/bu. on their top grade Tulips now through May, perfect for any centerpiece, floral decoration, or gift! To customize a floral design, Roaring Oaks Florist, visit their new location at 349A Main Street in Lakeville, CT (behind the Boathouse). They offer both pick up and delivery options for all of their floral arrangements, and also provide holiday and corporate gifts, gift baskets, and gourmet food. For more information, call them today at (860) 364-5380 or visit their website.

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