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Preschool & Daycare Programs your Child will Love! January 18, 2016

Paramus, Bergen County
Preschool & Daycare Programs your Child will Love!, Paramus, New Jersey

At JumpinJax in Paramus, your child’s individual needs always come first. That’s why they offer an exciting series of preschool & daycare curriculum designed to grow and progress with his or her unique development.

Read on to learn about the age-appropriate preschool & daycare programs available at JumpinJax:

  • Infants: Infant daycare at JumpinJax is warm, nurturing, and directed by your baby’s individual needs and natural schedule. Infants will have a primary caregiver who works with parents to develop a personalized care plan for eating, sleeping, and playtime. The daycare program also includes infant sign language, tummy time, and crawling based on child readiness. Your baby can start as early as six weeks!
  • Toddlers: The toddlers at JumpinJax Daycare will enjoy a loosely structured group environment designed to support emotional development, motor skills, and early learning with flash cards, storytelling, and educational play. Sign language skills from the infant daycare program will continue to be incorporated.
  • Preschool-2: As children grow beyond the toddler years, the JumpinJax curriculum expands to emphasize independence and socializing. Two-year-olds will also work towards potty training, and parents and teachers will collaborate to stay abreast of progress.
  • Preschool-3: Early math and reading concepts as well as fine motor skills are an important part of preparing for the final preschool program. Activities like music, art, and age-appropriate software round out each day at daycare.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: In the final lead-up to starting school, your child’s early learning is a top priority at JumpinJax Kids. Reading, math, computer, and motor skills are at the forefront of each day to prepare your child to take the exciting step into kindergarten.

JumpinJax of Paramus is the perfect place to let your child learn and grow in a positive, nurturing atmosphere. It is a great preschool & daycare to enroll your child in and we have every confidence that you and your family will love it. To learn more about the preschool & daycare programs, you can email them at, or visit them online or on their Facebook page. Please stop by the facility for a tour and for pricing. They are located at 600 Winters Avenue, Paramus, NJ 07652, behind the Paramus Park Mall.