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Need Help Choosing a Mattress Pad or Feather Topper? DOWNLITE Will Help January 20, 2016

Mason, Warren
Need Help Choosing a Mattress Pad or Feather Topper? DOWNLITE Will Help, Mason, Ohio

If you're shopping for bedding in the Mason, OH, area and you need help choosing between a feather bed and a mattress pad, the experts at DOWNLITE can help! Whether you're in the market for down comforters or hotel pillows, the professionals can help you find the perfect bedding to suit your needs.

Feather bed protectors are used on top of your existing mattress and are filled with three to five inches of down and feather blend, providing a soft cushion. Many offer a down or polyester pillow top layer for extra comfort. The baffle box chambers on feather beds keep the down and feather blend separated and help to add fluffiness to the mattress. 

While feather beds are used to make mattresses soft and comfortable, mattress pads are no thicker than an inch and provide protection for your mattress. Featuring a stretchable skirt or anchor bands to keep them situated on your mattress, mattress pads sometimes feature special treatments such as water resistance as well. Water resistant mattress pads are a great option if you have a pet, baby, or if you tend to spill items in your bed.

Mattress pads and feather beds can be used together if the mattress pad skirt or anchor bands can accommodate the size of the feather bed and mattress. If your mattress pad has a small skirt, it can be placed over your mattress and below your feather bed. If you have a down topped feather bed and want it to stay soft, keep the mattress pad below the feather bed.

Give the experts at DOWNLITE a call at (866) 931-3696, and visit their website to view their full selection of hotel bedding.