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Best Thai restaurant in New York City

The Best Authentic Thai Cuisine At Pongsri Thai Restaurant October 31, 2013

Chinatown, Manhattan
The Best Authentic Thai Cuisine At Pongsri Thai Restaurant, Manhattan, New York

In early 1972, the leading ‘Pongsri’ Thai Restaurant launched its first venue in the heart of New York City's Chinatown. Many were skeptical at the time of its unveiling, as critics wondered how a Thai restaurant would compete amid the myriad of Chinese restaurants in the vicinity. Today, Pongsri Thai Restaurant still stands, fairing forty delicious years withtraditional Thai dishes of unyielding quality.

Pongsri Thai Restaurant has grown since its conception, branching out into two additional locations throughout Manhattan. Khun Pongsri and her husband Khun Prasit Tangchakkrachai have been cooking authentic and traditional Thai food every step of the way. The key to their longevity, popularity, and success has been their commitment to traditional Thai cooking and recipes. Over the years this unfaltering enthusiasm and integrity has garnered a wide assortment of guests, ranging from popular movie stars to prime ministers and ambassadors. Pongsri has catered to Her Majesty Quen Sirikit, the Queen of Thailand, and a plethora of other royal princesses and political figures.

When seeking traditional Thai cuisine, one can do no better than Pongsri Thai Restaurant. Featuring a wide and sweeping array of classic dishes, Pongsri serves authentic soups, such as Tom Yum Goon, the staple savory and spiced soup of Thai herbs, mushrooms, lime and lemongrass and coriander, as well as the Tom Kha Gai, a spicy chicken and coconut soup with galangal, onions, bell peppers and limes.

Pongsri menu expands to various salads, flavored meats, and pad thais, giving everyone an extremely diverse choice of authentic and genuine Thai cuisine. Visit any one of thePongsri Thai’s locations in New York for a true taste of Thailand.