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Ohio’s Leading Foot Specialist Answers Common Questions About Bunions January 15, 2016

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Ohio’s Leading Foot Specialist Answers Common Questions About Bunions, Blue Ash, Ohio

When it comes to foot and ankle pain, understanding your ailments is crucial to a successful treatment plan. At Foot & Ankle Specialists of Cincinnati, the foot specialists focus on treating and educating their patients about the ins and outs of foot care. If you’re struggling to understand what bunions are and what causes them, you're not alone. The foot specialists at Foot & Ankle Specialists of Cincinnati are here to answer some common questions about bunions:

  • What Are Bunions? A bunion is a bony hump that forms at the base of the big toe right where it attaches to the foot. A bunion occurs at the big toe joint, causing the big toe to deviate towards the other toes. Because of the location of a bunion and the way that toes move when walking, your entire body weight will rest on the bunion with every step, causing great pain.
  • What Causes Bunions? Bunions are often a result of weak foot structure, which is inherited. Bunions also tend to develop along with arthritis. Women are often prone to getting bunions due to poor footwear choices. Wearing tight shoes or high heels with pointed toes can cause bunions, as they develop from pushing the foot into unnatural shapes.

  • .How Can They Be Treated? There are various ways to treat bunions. Some non-surgical options for treating bunions are simply changing your shoes, using shoe inserts, icing your feet, taping and padding your feet, and taking medications to help control bunion pain. If non-surgical treatments do not provide appropriate bunion relief, surgery is an option. Surgery for bunions may involve removing swollen tissue from the big toe joint, straightening the big toe by removing a portion of the bone, or re-positioning the bone between your foot and big toe to properly align the toe joint.

If you live near Franklin, Cincinnati, or Blue Ash, Ohio, and you’re looking for a foot care specialist to treat your heel pain, hammertoes, or bunions, call Foot & Ankle Specialists today at (513) 769-4408 to schedule your next appointment. To learn more about their services, be sure to visit their website

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