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Our pets always see the best in us. Now you can see the best in them.

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Since 1997, Invisible Fence of Newtown has been working hard to help Connecticut pet owners find affordable, effective, and humane ways to keep their pets safe at home. Their four-step training program, combined with certified pet experts and customizable technology, has led to a 99.5% success rate that is guaranteed to work for every dog, regardless of size, breed, or temperament. When you choose an invisible fence from Invisible Fence of Newtown, you choose the peace of mind that your pet will be able to play and roam free without endangering himself.

Invisible Fence of Newtown understands that every dog and every house is different. Their pet containment systems are completely customizable, and they will work with you to design an invisible fence that will work for your household. Your invisible fence can be used outside to keep your pet from leaving your yard, or inside to keep them out of certain areas or off of expensive furniture. Whatever your needs are, their trained technicians will come to your home to have the system professionally installed and guide you through the process of training your pet and putting the fence to use.

Invisible Fence of Newtown cares about your pet just as much as you do, and their system is specifically designed to grab your pet’s attention without hurting him. Their fences use an audible tone and customized static correction to alert your pet when he has reached his limits. The correction is compared to running your hand across a TV screen, and it is an effective method to teach boundaries without resorting to fear or pain.

Call Invisible Fence of Newtown at (888) 429-2421 to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to find out more about their pet containment systems and professional pet training. 

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