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Established in 2013, Bombers CrossFit® has evolved tremendously. This CrossFit® gym began in a two-car garage and is now a facility that boasts over 5,000 square feet of space. Based in Dayton, OH, Bombers CrossFit® fosters a brilliant athletic community where certified trainers serve their clients with dedication.

Andy and Mandy Kerschbaum are proud to own Bombers CrossFit®. Both owners have a strong background in sports, athleticism, and competition. Andy served as a pilot in the Air Force, he and Mandy built a garage gym while he was on active duty, providing neighbors and coworkers with precise fitness instruction and helping them live healthy and active lives. What began in this garage gym eventually became Bombers CrossFit®. In fact, Andy’s experience flying B-52 bombers for the Air Force is what inspired this facility’s name.

When you work out at Bombers CrossFit®, you will engage in workouts that are constantly varied. All CrossFit® workouts are highly intense and will challenge you both mentally and physically. You will learn to use your body to move large loads over long distances, you will lift weights, and most importantly, you will constantly be surprised! When you get fit with CrossFit®, you will never suffer through a boring workout.

Additionally, Bombers CrossFit® in Dayton promotes the Paleo diet. If you are interested in eating Paleo, their highly skilled dietary counselors will be honored to help you. At Bombers CrossFit®, you are never alone! You will have a whole community on your side during your transformation. To learn more about reaching your athletic potential with Bombers CrossFit®, visit them online, on Facebook, or call (318) 401-1538 today. 

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Allow me the pleasure of introducing one of the Bomber Crew’s morning staples for nearly the past five years!  Jason has been a dedicated member and one of the old guard from more
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  Allow me the pleasure of introducing Kate Barber.  Kate has been a tremendous presence in the Bomber Crew for over a year.  Kate has an incredible work ethic and more
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Allow me to introduce you to Ashley Zelinski.  Ashley has been a member of the Bomber Crew for over 2 years.  She comes in day after day ready to try new things, work hard, more
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Allow me to introduce Heather, and if you haven’t met her yet you definitely need to make it to class at 10:30am and say hi, if she doesn’t say hi first.  Heather is a bright more
I’d like to begin by telling you about the beginnings of Bombers CrossFit.  You may know, Bombers was started in 2013 in our 3-car garage, but before that Bombers truly began more
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Kevin is an inspiration to many of us around the gym.  He has been a fixture in the afternoon classes at Bombers CrossFit for over two years.  Kevin has a great attitude, more
Leaderboarding is killing your goals I will go first.  My name is Cassie Hill, and I have leaderboard pride.  Most of us are competitors at heart- it’s one of the things more
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Kim has been a core member of the Bomber Crew for almost two years.  Her positive attitude and willingness to try new things make her a wonderful to be around.  Kim, who more
The weather has been warming up and spring is right around the corner.  Construction is ramping up at 2080 Beaver Valley Rd, in Beavercreek OH.  The Bomber Coaches more
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Physical exercise is an important part of maintaining your overall health. To maximize your efforts, performing a simple warm-up routine is invaluable. At Bombers CrossFit, an more
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CrossFit includes intense, total-body training sessions that put every muscle to the test. After pushing yourself to the limit of speed and strength, proper recovery more
  Meet Coach Daryl Mayer After 20 years, I retired from the Air Force and focused on getting seriously fat.  After developing diabetes, high blood pressure and more
Meet Coach Adam Redenbaugh   Favorite Benchmark WOD: Helen Note from Adam:  I grew up in Southern California engaged in almost every water sport imaginable – more
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Meet Coach Lillie   Favorite Benchmark WOD: Annie I am a graduate of the University of Delaware where I earned a degree in Exercise Physiology and commissioned more
At Bombers CrossFit, we know kicking off your CrossFit journey in Dayton, OH, can be intimidating. We also know, however, there are tons of positives to joining a class and starting more
I just checked my calendar and it’s truly April, Spring is here and the weather is starting to warm up – quickly.  Again, as I looked at my calendar, it’s April of 2017! more
If building muscle mass is your goal, it takes hard work and dedication. Strong is not only “in,” but it also helps you gain confidence and improved performance in everyday more
Bombers CrossFit is a community of individuals dedicated to reaching their full fitness potential.  We are a band of brothers who have decided that routine is the enemy and we more
One of the surest ways to garner results from your fitness routine is to stick to a consistent schedule. No matter how intense your CrossFit workout may be, you won’t more
There are many myths surrounding CrossFit, which can intimidate many people who believe this workout regimen is simply too challenging for them. However, most of what more
2016 In Review As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 leaps upon us it's great to take a minute and look back on all that the Bomber Crew has accomplished in just a years time. more
A lot of people are excited to hit the gym and work out when the year begins, but they quickly lose interest after a week or two. They either have difficulty managing their more
KJ has been a Rock Solid foundation of the morning crew since he joined the Bomber Crew in the summer of 2014.  Now he is very consistent with 5am WODs.  KJ is no stranger more
Exercise is always a smart idea, but if you’ve been consistently running three miles a day or repeating the same strength-training circuit for months, you may not be seeing the more
One of the questions I get asked again and again is "How often should I CrossFit?"  Well, the short answer can be summed up with -- It Depends.  It depends, is not a more
Now that summer's over and we are all getting back into the rhythm of school and work and life we can take a minute and look back over the summer and reflect on all that the Bomber more
Amanda has been a part of the Bomber Crew since November of 2014.  From her first time in the gym she quickly dove right in and has been making huge strides.  Outside of a more
If you take health and fitness seriously, you understand the importance of an effective full-body workout. Fortunately, our expert certified trainers at Bombers CrossFit more
Kevin has been a part of the Bomber Crew since January of 2014.  Kevin is a veteran CrossFit athlete who started back when CrossFit Wright-Pat was still a vibrant entity of more
If you want to start a weight training routine with the support of an awesome and motivating community, look no further than Bombers CrossFit in Dayton, OH. The idea behind more
Volume vs Intensity Part 2:   Why we have seen this trend towards more volume. How volume and intensity both fit into training for something like the CrossFit Games, and more
Let me tell you a little bit about Brandi, She has been part of the Bomber Crew since January of 2015 and she quickly plunged right into class and community.  Brandi has a more
Our team at Bombers CrossFit knows what it’s like to get stuck in a workout rut: you spend long stretches of time on the same machine and after a while, you stop seeing results. more
2nd Quarter In Review It's July, half of 2016 is gone.  We are marching forward attacking our goals, and setting new ones daily.  The 2nd quarter of 2016 was a busy one more
Hey crew, Coach Greg here: In this two part series on the question of intensity vs. volume I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about my thoughts on how intensity and volume more
Austin joined the Bomber Crew in July of 2014.  Ever since he stopped in for his 1st WOD he’s been a constant figure of positive energy and PRs!  Austin spent his 1st more
So you’ve joined a CrossFit gym, faithfully started to accomplish every workout of the day, and gotten to know your trainers. Excellent! But how long does it take before you start more
I grew up playing all kinds of sports: baseball, soccer, basketball, tae kwon do, you name it! I was kind of a “jack-of-all-trades” until high school when I chose to focus on one of more
Lyndsay joined the Bomber Crew in September 2014, and ever since she joined, Lyndsay and her husband Chad have been established fixtures throughout many of our classes. more
CrossFit may seem intimidating at first, but it actually offers one of the most supportive and exciting athletic communities you’ll ever find. Bombers CrossFit in Dayton, OH, more
I was 8 years old when I started running. Almost thirty years later, I still remember my first day of practice and the first medal I ever won in a race. My dad was so proud he more
CrossFit, a strength and conditioning program mixing sprinting, jumping rope, and other forms of high-intensity cardio, continues to earn devout followers because it is set up to more
Jeff is one of the original founding members of the Bomber Crew! Jeff strolled into Bombers in late 2013 when we operated out of a 3-car garage – Jeff was already a veteran more
It is always kind of sad when the Open is over because for many of us that signals the end of our active participation in the Games.But that shouldn’t mean the fitness journey is more
I like graphs.When the whole Total Quality Management phase blew through in the 90s, I got a little swept up. It makes sense to me. You can learn a lot by taking an honest look at more
In today’s market there are hundreds if not thousands of different shoe choices to fit your workout needs. Each shoe boasts that its brand is best, and it can provide you with a more
In today’s market there are hundreds if not thousands of different shoe choices to fit your workout needs. Each shoe boasts that its brand is best, and it can provide you with a more
Nicole began at Bombers in February 2015. She has been a constant fixture with the crew at 6:30pm and has quietly been pushing herself to more and more challenges in her time with more
In today’s market there are hundreds if not thousands of different shoe choices to fit your workout needs. Each shoe boasts that its brand is best, and it can provide you with a more
In today’s market there are hundreds if not thousands of different shoe choices to fit your workout needs. Each shoe boasts that its brand is best, and it can provide you with a more
At Bombers CrossFit, we are counting down the days until the CrossFit Games Open! Starting Feb. 25, the first stage of the CrossFit Games begins, and athletes will gather at more
We at Bombers CrossFit love creating tight bonds with our athletes in the Dayton, OH, community. After all, building connections is what we do here. It is through these more
Justin began at Bombers on 13 Feb 2014. He is consistently a fixture with the morning Crew, but has been known to frequent the afternoon classes as well. He can usually be seen more
My CrossFit Story - Greg Kerschbaum My CrossFit story started back in July 2011, but to understand where I was at that point I want to go back a little bit further. I grew up as the more
Bombers Crew:  Here is your chance to share CrossFit with your friends.  When you refer a friend you will receive a $25 credit.  You can use your $25 credit to more
There is just something about chili that makes everyone feel comfortable. When you have a group of close friends together on a crisp Saturday afternoon in the Fall and you are more
You finally took the plunge and signed up for your first Crossfit workout. For many, the idea of getting started can be a little intimidating, but the owners of Bombers CrossFit, more
Bombers CrossFit is one of the Dayton areas premiere CrossFit gyms. We are always excited to add new members to the crew, and currently offer new members three (3) free sessions!All more
Check out the link below to see what a class looks like at Bombers CrossFit. Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our Youtube Channel more
Cassie began at Bombers CrossFit in March of 2014. In her almost 2 years WODing with us she has logged 372 CrossFit Classes. Yes, that is a lot!  Cassie is a more
The functional strength training, cardiovascular exercises and explosive athletic movements found in CrossFit workouts are only one part of a well-rounded fitness program. What we more
My CrossFit StoryMy CrossFit story officially began in mid-2010 when became my workout program, but un-officially it began almost a year prior and yet that still more
Nutrition is the foundation of our daily lives. Everything we do throughout our day is influenced by what we eat. There is an old adage saying “garbage in—garbage out”. This in more
Packed house on New Years Eve. Check out the link for some awesome footage from a fun morning at the gym more
Have you considered improving your strength, speed, and power? Do you want to improve your athletic potential?  Come check out the Bombers Barbell Club -- a USA more
It’s no secret that in order to build muscle, you need to work muscle. After all, you’re not going to achieve demigod-like physique by sitting on the couch all day. So you go to the more
2015 has been a great year. We started out in the beginning of January, in some very cold weather, by moving into the new building, and current location. For those that might not more
If you're looking for a gym that's crawling with bro-y, unfriendly, competitive, unhelpful athletes who take no interest in your personal life and disregard you entirely if you don' more