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Moving is a stressful time, and having too many things in your home or business leads to chaos. Luckily, for residents in the Puyallup, WA, and surrounding areas, Boush Moving and Storage offers start-to-finish full-service moving services, reliable packing services, and safe, secure storage. 

Boush Moving and Storage’s staff packs your goods and plans your move in the convenience of your home or business. Their door to door movers bring your possessions across the city or across the world. With almost 100 years of experience, the local moving company handles jobs of any size. As a registered member of the prestigious Atlas Network, the knowledgeable staff also effectively addresses any logistical problems that arise.


Packing can be a mess for a home or business owner. However, the staff at Boush Moving and Storage carefully organizes and handles your furniture, files or family belongings. They ensure that nothing is lost or stolen. Once the goods are ready for transport, the professionals securely wrap your items in their own sturdy boxes for a smooth, easy move.

Keep your goods at Boush’s brand new storage facility. Rest assured that your possessions are safe and secure. For more sensitive items such as clothing, artwork, and furniture, climate-controlled storage protects them from heat, cold, and humidity. Boush offers door to door moving from your home or business to the storage facility.

Boush Moving and Storage is unlike any other local moving company in its level of customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Clients describe the movers as courteous and prompt. As a full-service moving company, Boush is your partner in every aspect of logistics. You will only ever need to hire one company for all of your moving, storage, and packing needs.

Partner with Boush Moving and Storage in Pullayup, WA, for your next job. Call (253) 355-8538, or visit the website for more information.      

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