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EXIT Realty Horizons, an office of EXIT Realty Upper Midwest, may be the answer to all of your career concerns and aspirations. It’s the fastest growing real estate firm in Iowa, and the company is now looking toward even further expansion. At EXIT Realty Horizons, employee happiness and dedication are a priority, not just an empty promise. This central philosophy is evident in both the benefits and compensation employees receive. At EXIT Realty Horizons, you can work for a non-traditional company that has a proven track record of investing in its employees.

With a host of benefits, agents can feel comfortable in their employment. Agents are given free training, which is essential for succeeding in a new career and expanding to new markets, as well as cash residuals and shared revenue. Taken from the insurance and music industries, residuals are allowing for rapid expansion and extra earned income for real estate agents. 

Whether you're a Millennial looking to get your feet wet or a seasoned agent, this company will give you the tools and knowledge for long-term growth. If you're interested in real estate investing, real estate leadership opportunities and the exciting chance to own your own franchise, contact EXIT Realty Upper Midwest at its website, or call at (651) 560-3234 for more information.

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The real estate industry is booming, creating amazing new opportunities for old hands and newcomers alike. If you've been considering a career in real estate, or are a seasoned veter...read more
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As forerunners in real estate investing, the team members at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest are bred to be leaders in their field. They strive to provide their clients with the best ...read more
As forerunners in real estate investing, the team members at EXIT Realty Upper Midwest are bred to be leaders in their field. They strive to provide their clients with the best ...read more
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One of the most common mistakes of home buyers is not getting a home inspection by a Licensed Professional Engineer, says the midwest’s most trusted real estate and investment group,...read more
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