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Lexington Orthopaedic Associates

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Lexington Orthopaedic Associates, Orthopedics, Health and Beauty, Lexington, Kentucky

If you are having problems with bones, joints, muscles or nerves, it may be time to see an orthopaedic doctor. The orthopaedic surgeons at Lexington Orthopaedic Associates treat a wide range of musculoskeletal problems for clients ages 2 to 112. Caring and reliable, the doctors have nearly 100 years of combined experience.

The practice covers injections, diagnoses, physical therapy and some procedures, referring patients to hospitals for surgery. The orthopaedic doctors analyze the problem and develop a treatment plan to help the patient resume normal activity. Depending on the condition, surgery is usually considered after a long period of time or when other types of treatment don’t work. For patients young and old, the doctors treat sports injuries, broken bones, and joint problems with casting or splints. Older patients often require hip and knee replacement. For many treatment plans, patients will have access to the newly renovated physical therapy department.


Lexington Orthopaedic Associates is different because you walk into the office and see orthopaedic surgeons, not just physician’s assistants. It also offers the most comprehensive treatment options including casts and splints, lifestyle and treatment plans, hip and knee replacement and physical therapy. The practice is unparalleled in its level of experience and commitment to patients. It is constantly striving to upgrade its facilities, knowledge base, and treatment options. Next year, it will be adding a new surgeon with a specialty in shoulder issues.

If you need care for your muscles, joints, or bones, call Lexington OrthopaedicAssociates in Lexington, KY, at (859) 277-5703. For your convenience, you can also visit their website. The practice is located right off of Nicholasville Rd., across from the garden center at Kmart. Rest assured knowing that you're in the right hands. 

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