Waialae - Kahala, Hawaii

Waikahala Fashion Center

Waikahala Fashion Center

4210 Waialae Ave, Suite 104
Honolulu, HI 96816
(808) 732-2066
Waikahala Fashion Center, Tailors, Services, Honolulu, Hawaii

"We're across from the mall, on the mountain side, under the freeway"

Fashion is an ever changing industry full of progressive themes that blend cultures, generations, and styles. For Hawaiians looking to craft their own look while staying on top of the most innovative and creative brands, Waikahala Fashion Center brings quality fashion alterations and innovation to customers of all ages. Since 1965 this professional tailor has been providing alterations, tailoring services, clothing alterations, and dress alteration experience to passionate Honolulu fashion enthusiasts, giving them the ability to craft their unique style.

Customers committed to having one-of-a-kind clothing can visit this tailor for dress making services to fit local styles, international trends, and independent ideas. Whether you are designing your own clothing, want to combine multiple ideas into one outfit, or want to have a custom creation tailored for your specific body type, this professional tailor will sew the perfect outfit for you.

For those unforgettable special events, this tailor offers wedding dress alteration and prom dress tailoring. Ensure that your dress fits with your favorite pair of heels before the big day by visiting this tailor before that special event. Bring your whole bridal party and have all their dress perfectly hemmed by this expert team of tailors. Visit Waikahala Fashion Center today for clothing alterations and Honolulu’s best fashion services.