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timothyj kitchen & bath, inc, Kitchen and Bath Remodeling, Services, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For almost 30 years, timothyj kitchen & bath, inc has offered classic, yet contemporary home remodeling services to clients in the Milwaukee, WI, area. Owner Tim Benkowski is one of very few certified master kitchen and bath designers in the country, so you will definitely receive high-quality work. From room additions to custom cabinetry, these designers will use only the finest materials to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a space that feels fresh and unique.

The design services at timothyj kitchen & bath, inc include both custom and semi-custom cabinetry for your bathroom or kitchen remodel. To make sure you are completely satisfied with their services, they use a special design process that includes the following three steps:

  • Artistic: In phase one of remodeling, their design team will 

    kitchen-remodel-milwaukeebring their formal fine arts training and multiple degrees to the design process. This highly certified and educated team of designers will make sure that your dream kitchen or bathroom remodel is fully conceptualized.

  • Functional: This company values artistic beauty as much as they value maximizing the functional aspects of your space. They will tailor your bath or kitchen remodel so that it is comfortable and practical for you and your family, given your routines and activities.
  • Responsive: This team of designers promises to remain open-minded and responsive to your needs, concerns, and desires throughout the entire remodeling process. They will work with you to ensure that all of your kitchen or bathroom remodeling ideas come to life.

For the best home remodeling services in the Milwaukee area, rely on the expert designers at timothyj kitchen & bath, inc. Call them at (414) 224-8552 to request an estimate, and visit their website to learn more about their kitchen and bath remodeling services.

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