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Whether you’re a local homeowner, a part-time landlord, or a small-time contractor looking for an affordable, convenient place to stock up on building materials, you’ll find everything that you need at Barton’s. With several locations throughout Arkansas, Barton’s provides clients with professional planning, delivery, and installation that makes it easy to finish projects quickly and efficiently. From kitchen designs to flooring, Barton’s is an employee-owned business that makes it their mission to help clients in any way that they can. 


No job is too big or too small for Barton’s professional services. They assist their clients in determining what the best building material would be for their specific project, and they help them decide exactly how much they will need. Once all of the details are settled, every Barton’s location offers a professional delivery service to save clients the hassle of transporting large amounts of building material on their own. They also offer kitchen planning estimates, flooring estimates, and window estimates free of charge to all homeowners.

In addition to those complimentary services, Barton’s is also home to the area’s most affordable prices for all of the tools and materials that you’ll need to finish any remodeling or building project. Come to the store closest to your location, and check out their supply of:  

  • Tools & hardware
  • Lumber
  • Insulation & drywall
  • Home paint
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen cabinets

Contact Barton’s to start your next building project confidently and as prepared as possible. Give them a call at (870) 932-6675, or visit their website to learn more about how their services can benefit you. 

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