Upper East Side, New York

Paula Zdovc Salon

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Paula Zdovc Salon

20 E 68th Street #201
New York, NY 10065
(212) 535-6878
Paula Zdovc Salon, Spas, Health and Beauty, New York, New York

The Paula Zdovc Salon has been recognized for its excellence in bodywaxing, facials, electrolysis, and eyebrow styling by a variety of publications, including Allure, New York Magazine, On the Avenue, and USA Today, among others.

Unlike larger, fancier, more expensive New York salons, the Paula Zdovc Salon offers the highest quality services at reasonable prices in a unique atmosphere.

  • If you like the convenience of tending to your beauty needs after a long day at the office, the Paula Zdovc Salon is for you.
  • If you hate to be kept waiting, the Paula Zdovc Salon is for you.
  • If you value your privacy, the Paula Zdovc Salon is for you.
  • If you like an atmosphere that is at once cheerful and peaceful, the Paula Zdovc Salon is for you.

Located on Manhattan’s exclusive Upper East Side, the Paula Zdovc Salon is only one flight up, but heavenly in its appeal. As you lie in its relaxing surroundings, you’ll gaze up at an always blue sky with puffy white clouds. Calming music will engage your senses, creating a welcome respite from your busy day. The gender-neutral offices provide a pleasing environment for both male and female clientele.

Among the salon’s clients are television personalities, high-fashion models, and business executives who are drawn to the time-efficient, high-quality, discreet service provided.

And busy moms who value the pampering, personal attention they deserve after a day, a week, a month of taking care of others.

And teens. The Paula Zdovc Salon specializes in services for teenage girls, making them feel comfortable and confident as they experience their first beauty treatments. They will learn first-hand what Paula knows so well: “When you look good, you feel good.”

The Paula Zdovc Salon offers several exclusive product lines, including Charme, Revenir, Wilma Schumann Skin Care Products and Ageless Skin Rejuvenation Oil.

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