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3965 Park Ave 2nd Floor
St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 472-3052
FYSIQ, Fitness Centers, Health and Beauty, St. Louis, Missouri

Are you tired of working out in your boring gym week after week? Switch up your health regimen and get your heart rate pumping by visiting FYSIQ in St. Louis, MO. Specializing in aerial bungee and bungee fitness, this fitness center is a great alternative to traditional gyms, giving you the opportunity to make new friends and experience a new type of workout. 

Founder and sole trainer Misha Gutzler is the only trainer in the Midwest who is certified to teach aerial bungee and regular bungee fitness. Bungees help you build leg and core strength while giving you your daily dose of cardio. This fitness center also offers high-energy dance classes that get your body moving to help you burn as many calories as possible. A major benefit of these unique lessons is that it doesn’t feel like working out! You can focus on moving your body to the beat, increasing your heart rate, and having a great time.

Offering one-on-one fitness classes, Misha provides you with customized workouts to help you reach your health goals, regardless of your ability level. She also offers her expertise in group training classes, giving you the support and motivation you need to do your best. This fitness center offers classes to individuals of any age group, ranging from 6 years old to 90 years old.

Tone your body while simultaneously boosting your confidence when you visit FYSIQ. With an experienced trainer and flexible scheduling, this establishment is one of the area’s leading fitness centers. Call them at (314) 472-3052 or visit their website to learn more today. 

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