Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital

Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital

1073 Andrews Ave
Ozark, AL 36360
(334) 774-9309
Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital, Animal Hospitals, Services, Ozark, Alabama

When your pet comes down with an illness, you want to ensure they receive the best care possible. Consult with the experts at Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital to properly tend to your furry friend’s health. For over 38 years, this veterinary clinic has offered their medical expertise to the Ozark, AL, community. These certified veterinarians have been highly trained and educated to handle any situation that may arise with your pet.

This team will provide detailed examinations of your cat or dog to properly diagnose them. Keep diseases and unhealthy habits at bay by taking advantage of their preventative services, such as vaccines, routine teeth cleanings, and heartworm testing. In addition to tending to cats and dogs, this veterinary clinic offers medical assistance to birds, reptiles, and rabbits.

They use top-notch surgical equipment to perform operations such as spaying and neutering, teeth removal, and hip dysplasia procedures. This veterinary clinic also provides services like grooming, behavioral counseling, and nutritional guidance to keep your beloved pet looking and feeling their best. This facility offers weekend hours to cater to your busy schedule.

Keep up with your furry loved one’s health and keep them happy and healthy by bringing them to Andrews Avenue Animal Hospital. This veterinary clinic proudly offers affordable prices for their medical services. Call them today at (334) 774-9309 to schedule an appointment with their knowledgeable professionals or visit their website for additional information.

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