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Berk Trade & Business School has been an established presence in the trade building industry since 1940. For over 70 years the school has offered promising students instruction in the city’s most essential fields, such as the plumbing, electrical, and automotive trades.

Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology and backed by the New York State Education Department, Berk Trade School teaches skills in trades that can guarantee job success for life. Along with small class sizes, flexible hours, and job placement assistance upon graduation, Berk Trade School offers financial aid for students who apply and interest free payment plans.

Berk Trade School’s instructors teach not only work-relevant skills, but the proper attitudes and responsibilities for being a successful trade worker in the New York City metro area. At the end of the 600 hour accredited programs, students graduate from Berk Trade School ready to dominate in their field.

Students can focus on the skills they need to succeed through Berk Trade School’s practical-focused learning model and enter the job market as quickly as possible. It’s easy to get started at Berk Trade & Business School; call an admission advisor at (718) 729-0909 or email admissions@berktradeschool.com to begin the admission process today! 

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Berk is a name you can trust for trade and business education. For over 70 years, the technical school has taken brand-new students and turned them into trusted electricians and plum...read more
Recent statistics have shown that the United States is beginning to experience a shortage of skilled trade employees, which is only expected to worsen. While homeowners become less a...read more
Independent, innovative and self-sufficient? If these qualities appeal to you, you’re probably already a student of Berk Trade & Business School! And, Berk Trade & Busin...read more
Before the day comes for you to walk across the stage in your cap and gown, and bid farewell to your high school friends, you'll need to start thinking about some important stuff. Wi...read more
No matter how the economy shifts in the future, there will always be a need for plumbers. For this reason, Berk Trade & Business School in Long Island City is proud to ...read more
Regardless of the drastic ups and downs of the economic market, one thing always remains the same: people need plumbers. If you're interested in launching a successful career in the ...read more
Do your lights flicker when you turn on your hair dryer? Have you blown a fuse any time in the past year? If so, that means it's time to call an electrician. And here are three more ...read more
If you’re considering becoming an electrician, the Electrical Installation program at Berk Trade & Business School will provide you with all the necessary tools you nee...read more
Having a leaky faucet or an overflowing toilet can be an annoyance that often leads to bigger problems. Calling the plumber can be fairly expensive depending on the issue, so fixing ...read more
Electricity is a vital part of everyday life. When you encounter an electrical problem in your home or office, it may seem as though even the simplest of tasks has become impossible....read more
Leaks from your faucet and pipes are some of the biggest causes for water waste in your home, with the possibility of losing up to 20,000 gallons a year due to leaks alone. A leak in...read more
For over 70 years Berk Trade & Business School has offered promising students instruction and specialized skill training for life’s most essential trades, including in the electr...read more
Berk Trade & Business School has been a major part of the trade industry for over 70 years. Since 1940 the trade school has provided promising students with the means to become s...read more
New York City’s own Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), accredited Berk Trade & Business School is offering potential students the opportunity to enter...read more
Although the career of plumber has been around for centuries, it’s considered an up-and-coming job these days. According to New York City’s top technical institute, Berk Trade & ...read more
Berk Trade & Business School has proudly been educating “the next generation” of industry and trade workers since 1940. Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACC...read more
Have you tried to tackle an electrical or plumbing program in your home or apartment on your own? If you’ve fashioned intricate strings of paper clips to unclog a drain or plugged a ...read more
If you’ve noticed the program offerings of trade schools in New York City, you might be wary of promises of careers in this competitive job market. Berk Trade & Business School s...read more
Adult education is an important way to further one’s career or make a positive change in profession. Taking your education and career into your own hands is a life-transforming proce...read more
Berk Trade and Business School (licensed and accredited) is currently seeking an experienced Electrical Instructor.Qualifications of Electrical Instructor 8+ years hands-on experienc...read more
The cold weather offers a whole new set of exciting (expensive) things that can go wrong in your home. From costly heating bills due to faulty insulation to frozen pipes, there’s no ...read more
Students need more than excellent professors and a great curriculum; they need a technical school that is committed to helping graduates find the jobs they want in the industry of th...read more
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This has been one of the snowiest, coldest winters New York City has seen in years. The result is a unanimous feeling that spring may never come. In addition to slippery commutes and...read more
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