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Families turn to AccuDNA in the greater St. Louis, MO, metro area for paternity testing and legal DNA testing. If you’re looking to trace your ancestry or find living relatives, AccuDNA is also an affordable and accessible solution that will help you bring your family closer. 

Since 2005, AccuDNA has been a part of the community, serving clients by providing DNA testing in a clean and organized fashion. The utmost discretion is used to sustain confidentiality. They are also very aware of people’s busy schedules, and will maintain flexible hours as well as mobile services as needed. 

DNA testing is a critical service. It helps with forensics, custody cases, and adoption issues, providing crucial data that resolves legal and criminal cases, as well as confirm relationships that are in question. No matter the circumstances that necessitate a DNA test, from child support to paternity, AccuDNA delivers results as quickly as possible and in a personalized fashion. Although their saliva DNA testing takes place by appointment only, they will stay open later or open earlier if need be. 

When you’re ready to schedule an appointment at the DNA testing center, call (314) 845-9997. If you’d prefer, you can also fill out an online contact form , and someone will be in touch to help you through the DNA testing process. There’s so much to learn about your past and future when you choose AccuDNA.

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