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Omni Fitness Center

Omni Fitness Center

333 Earle Ovington Blvd
Uniondale, NY 11553
(516) 307-8088
Omni Fitness Center, Health & Wellness Centers, Health and Beauty, Uniondale, New York

The personal trainers at Omni Fitness Center are dedicated to your full transformation. Located in Uniondale, NY, this newly-renovated health and wellness center offers health and life coaching classes, physical therapy, massage therapy, group fitness classes, an exquisite cardio room with state-of-the-art machines, a complete selection of free weights and strength-training equipment, and more.

Omni Fitness Center promises to make members just like you feel welcomed and encouraged. No matter what your fitness goals are, these trainers are passionate about helping you reach your potential. Omni Fitness Center is also dedicated to your comfort, offering luxurious steam rooms, sauna rooms, and spacious locker rooms.

If you seek a personal trainer, Omni Fitness Center will match you with the perfect companion. If you want to work out solo, Omni Fitness Center will provide you with the best cardio and strength equipment. If you desire a connection with others, Omni Fitness Center is excited to bring you the best group classes. From spinning to yoga to martial arts, you will certainly be able to find your workout community. And if you are seeking recovery and restoration, this health club offers the best physical therapy and massage therapy.

When it comes to safety, Omni Fitness Center prioritizes your wellness. This gym is non-intimidating, and all staff members and trainers are passionate about what they do, helpful, and professional. To choose the membership that’s right for you, visit Omni Fitness Center online. To learn more about Uniondale’s revolutionary health club, you can also visit their Facebook page. If you have any questions about the services Omni Fitness Center offers, call (516) 307-8088 today. 

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